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Largest Projects

North Side Fix I-270, US 23 (North High Street) and SR 315

Project Overview:

This project will make the I-270/US23 north side interchange safer by increasing capacity and improving traffic flow. Additional improvemnts have been added to the project including work on the SR 315/I-270 interchange. 

1. Reconfigure two of the ramps at the interchange of I-270 and US 23 (North High street) Two of the loop ramps, the ramp from I-270 E to US 23 N and the ramp from I270 W to US 23 S, will be reconfigured. ODOT will also add traffic signals at each of the new ramps to allow for better flow of traffic.
2. Widen US 23 ODOT will widen US 23 from Northwoods Boulevard to Lazelle Road from two lanes to three lanes in each direction. ODOT will also build an additional lane on US 23 southbound from I-270 to Northwoods Boulevard.
3. Construct two northbound express lanes on US 23 ODOT will build two lanes under the surface roads that will carry through traffic. The “trench,” as we call it, will begin just north of I-270 and end south of Northwoods Boulevard North. If you are driving in the “trench” will not be able to access Campus View Boulevard and Flint Road.
4. High Street over I-270 A new, decorative fence with the name “Worthington” on it will be built along the US 23 bridge over I-270. Pillars with brick pattern and coloring and limestone caps will be featured on both sides of the bridge, matching walls will be built adjacent to the ramps at the interchange.

Click the link below to see video animation to help drivers travel safely through the trench.

While opening the trench and other access points is a major milestone, there is still much to finish on the project. 

The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph on I-270 between US 23 and SR 315 as major construction to build new ramps and bridges is ongoing. Motorists should be aware of new ramp configurations:

  • Drivers coming from US 23 south to I-270 west will be on the ramp for a mile and pass over SR 315 before using the temporary ramp to merge onto I-270 west.
  • I-270 west traffic exiting at SR 315 will exit sooner – merge into the right lane for SR 315 north, stay in left lane on the ramp for SR 315 south.
  • Finally, traffic coming from SR 315 north to I-270 should stay in the left lane on the ramp. Drivers will go a mile on the ramp and travel under US 23 before merging onto I-270 east.

Completion: June 2017

For more information, see to the project website at (ODOT)


Hamilton Road Widening

A widening and improvement project on Hamilton Road between Rocky Fork Creek (north of Havens Corners Road) and East Johnstown Road (US 62) starts Monday, June 22.

In the first phase of the project, motorists and cyclists should be alert for lane restrictions and crews and equipment at work. Expect some flagging operations on Hamilton Road with one lane of two-way traffic maintained by flaggers. Flagging operations will be limited to the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. 

The Franklin County/Gahanna project will widen parts of Hamilton Road and add new turn lanes in the project area. Also included are a bridge replacement, new multi-use paths, sidewalks, pedestrian safety improvements, street lighting and new roundabout intersections at Clark State Road and at the Northeast School.  Completion, fall 2017.

For more information see the project flyer.

(Franklin County Engineer/Gahanna)

InterCHANGE 270/33 Project

Construction at the I-270 and U.S. 33/S.R. 161 interchange in Dublin began in Spring 2015. 

This project includes:

  • New ramp configurations
  • Eliminating the 4 major internal weaves and merges which improves safety
  • Adding capacity with additional lanes on I-270 and on U.S. 33/S.R. 161
  • Improving traffic flow

The ramp and road closures in place in 2015 are now open. Motorists and cyclists should be alert for crews and equipment at work when driving through the interchange. Work will continue on the project through Fall 2017. 

West 3rd Avenue Widening near Railroad between Edgehill Road and Columbus Fire Station #25 (W. Third)

Watch for workers, equipment and flagging operations on West 3rd Avenue between Edgehill Road and Columbus Fire Station #25 as crews begin work on a widening, reconstruction and pedestrian path project. Motorists may wish to consider W. 5th Avenue and Goodale Blvd.  as alternate routes during this work .

The project will facilitate traffic flow, improve safety and provide pedestrian and bicyclist accommodations with the following improvements:

  • Widening and reconstructing the roadway
  • Constructing a new two-span railroad bridge
  • Building curbs, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps (ADA), sidewalks and a shared-use path
  • Upgrading street lights, signs and underground cables for traffic signals
  • Planting street trees and landscaping
  • Installation of  new traffic signals at:
    • Edgehill Road and W. 3rd Avenue
    • Edgehill Road and W. 5th Avenue

‚ÄčThe work is expected to be completed in autumn 2017, weather permitting.

Please drive with extra caution through this and all road-construction work-zones. More information on this project is available at:

(Columbus Public Service)

Hague Avenue Project Reaches Milestone

The Columbus Hague Avenue Improvements Project is expected to reach a milestone tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 8. Weather permitting, crews will switch traffic to the newly-constructed west half of the roadway and will begin work on the east half of the road. After the switch is complete, probably by Friday, Dec.  9, on-street parking will again be available on the west side of  S. Hague Avenue.  S. Hague Avenue will continue to be limited to southbound-only traffic between W. Broad Street and Sullivant Avenue until crews complete the project in mid-2017, weather permitting. For more information about the  project, visit  (City of Columbus)

Night and Overnight Lane Restriction Southbound I-71 at Grove City

Southbound I-71 between Stringtown Road and SR 665 will be reduced to one lane weeknights, from 8 p.m. nightly to 6 a.m. each following morning, for the installation of median cable barriers, weather permitting. Starts: Jan. 2. Completion: Feb. 25. (ODOT)

UPDATE: SR 315 has reopened north of SR 750 (Powell Road)

UPDATE: SR 315 has reopened north of SR 750 (Powell Road)

The road had been closed for stabilization wall contruction. 

For more information see:


Smothers Road to Close for Bridge Replacement

Smothers Road is scheduled to close over the Hoover Reservoir (East of Sunbury Road) beginning Monday, Feb. 13 for bridge replacement.

The posted detour:

  • Schott Road south to Walnut Street, west to Cubbage Road, south to Central College Road, west to Sunbury Road, and north to Smothers Road.
  • Or the reverse

Crews expect the bridge to reopen by July, weather permitting.

(Franklin County Engineer)


















For more details see:


Indianola Avenue Bridge over the Glen Echo Ravine Rehabilitation

The Indianola Avenue (US Route 23) bridge over the Glen Echo Ravine will close for six months beginning early Monday morning, April 10. Crews will be rehabilitating the existing arch and bridge.

  • Detour for motorists and cyclists: E. Arcadia Avenue to N. High Street to E. Weber Road or the reverse.
  • Pedestrian detour: Pedestrians will not be able to cross the bridge. The detour for pedestrians only is E. Arcadia Avenue to Calumet Street to Olentangy Street or the reverse. Please note, the stairs to the park on the northeast side of the bridge will not be accessible.

Access to the bridge and the ravine below will be strictly prohibited during construction. There will be a chain link fence around the entire bridge. Work vehicles will access the arch using the dirt road from Glen Echo Drive, east of the bridge.

The bridge is expected to reopen by October 7, 2017, weather permitting.

Note: Taking the posted detour is important, the nearby side streets are not equipped to handle a large amout of through-traffic safely.


For more information on the project see the project flier at (ODOT)


Sunbury Road reduced to Northbound-Only Traffic, County Line Road to Maxtown Road

Sunbury Road will be reduced to northbound-only traffic between County Line Road (Smothers Road) and Maxtown Road for widening and improvements beginning Monday, May 1, weather permitting.  The project includes road widening, storm sewer placement, and a new multi-use path. The posted detour route for southbound motorists is: Maxtown Road west to N. Spring Road, south to County Line Road, and east to back to Sunbury Road. The project is scheduled to be complete late this fall. For additional information see:  (Franklin County Engineer/Delaware County Engineer/Westerville)

Parsons Avenue Street Rehabilitation Project

Parsons Avenue will be reduced to southbound-only traffic between E. Broad Street and Franklin Avenue, beginning Monday, April 24, for a street rehabilitation project, weather permitting. The project includes pavement reconstruction; installation of curb bumpouts; sidewalk widening; signal upgrades and other improvements. The project is scheduled to be complete by Spring 2018.

The detour for northbound traffic is E. Town Street, west to S. Washington Avenue, north to E. Broad Street and east, back to Parsons Avenue.

For more details see the Project Fact Sheet at

(Columbus Public Service)

Central College Road Three-Week Closure: Hamilton Road Area

Central College Road will be closed to through traffic between Lee Road and Harlem Road for a sewer project, beginning Tuesday, May 30. The detour will be posted via Lee Road, Walnut Street and Harlem Road.  See a map here. Motorists may also wish to consider E. Dublin Granville Road or SR 161 as alternate east/west corridors.  The closure is expected to last through about Tuesday, June 20, weather permitting.

After the road reopens, be alert for crews at work and various lane restrictions on Central College Road as the project continues through fall. Also remember, Smothers Road remains closed over the Hoover Reservoir through July for a bridge replacement.


(Columbus Public Utilities)

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I-270 Construction

The ramp from eastbound Broad Street to I-270 north (west side) will be closed from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. nightly for bridge work. The detour is Broad Street to I-270 south to Georgesville Road to I-270 north. Completion: June 20. (ODOT)